mobile energy rental service

Leased solutions for electricity, heating, temperature
control technology and technical systems for events

General information

Our generators have built in plug sockets, fuel tanks, forklift pockets and fastening hooks for transportation by crane.
Of course, all current noise reduction regulations are adhered to.

In addition to the standard sizes shown here, we also have a small number of other power units on offer – please ask us for more details.

All our generators can also be run using our external tanks (the 8 and 15 kVA generators have to be run with an external tank).
All generators are supplied with a key, instructions and a grounding rod. Power units up to 100 kVA can also be supplied on a car trailer.

Upon request, we are happy to equip our generators with an additional charging device (for operation in standby mode) or the desired connection cables.

Using our generators, you can also work monitoring the mains or in synchronicity with the mains. The generation of other voltages and frequencies (e.g. 60 HZ / 110 Volt, or similar) is also not a problem for us.
All of our generators over 27 kVA have an automatic remote start device. Above 135 kVA, our generators are twin compatible and above 200 kVA, they are also triple, quadro etc. compatible.

Regardless of whether the power units are used on a building site or at open air events, you no longer need to worry about having a sufficient power supply.
For mobile power supply that is tailored to your needs, please contact us.