mobile energy rental service

Leased solutions for electricity, heating, temperature
control technology and technical systems for events

Power units 8 KVA - 27 KVA

Our generators have built in plug sockets, fuel tanks, forklift pockets and fastening hooks for crane implementation.

All of the current soundproofing regulations are adhered to as a matter of course.

Name Length Width Height KVA KW Ampere Connections Tank Empty weight Empty weight
8 KVA 1,25 m 0,69 m 0,73 m 8 6,5 11,7 1 x 230 Volt Schuko plug, 1 x 16 A CEE 2,8 L 372 kg 375 kg
15 KVA 1,52 m 0,8 m 1,06 m 15 12 21,7 1 x 230 Volt Schuko plug, 1 x 16 A CEE, 1 x 32 A CEE 2,8 L 758 kg 760 kg
27 KVA 2,5 m 1,15 m 1,66 m 27 21,6 39 1 x Euro 230 V, 1 x Schuko plug 230 V, 1 x 32 A CEE, terminal field M 12 screw fitting 232 L 1640 kg 1875 kg

Our generators are housed in high grade noise reduction housings that provide protection against the impact of weather. This way, the power units can be used in residential areas etc.

The machinery is transported by trucks with a loading crane or on car trailers (up to 100kVA). The machinery is put into service directly on site by our drivers so that, under normal circumstances, a service technician is not needed.

Regardless of whether the power units are used on a building site or at open air events, you no longer need to worry about having a sufficient power supply.
For mobile power supply that is tailored to your needs, please contact us.