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Our new LED masts are available as two variants:
• 3x120 Watt LED 6m or 10m mast
• 6x120 Watt LED 6m or 10m mast
All our LED masts are built into a sealed housing and have forklift pockets and lifting eyes.

The advantages of these masts quickly become clear:

Low power consumption (360 or 720 Watt). As a result, several masts can be supplied from one power source.
They reach their full luminosity in only 20 ms.

There are various power supply variants for our LED masts (‘Schuko’ socket 230 V, internal power unit, and/or battery (uninterruptible power supply) for operation up to 10 hrs. This allows you to generate light without any noise and at night (via the uninterruptible power supply) without the need for cable connections. The uninterruptible power supply is then recharged during the day by the power unit.

Our masts can be started remotely, via GSM (i.e. using a mobile phone), using a dimmer switch or a timer clock.

As additional material, we offer banners for our masts – e.g. emergency exit, muster station, WC.
We are happy to produce customised banners based on your template.

Information: LED lighting mast 6m (german, PDF, 0.5MB)
Information: LED lighting mast 10m (german, PDF, 0.5MB)

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